Class dinner in Lagos

The class dinner was held for the Lagos, Nigeria IT Manager Institute class in downtown Lagos. If you have never been to Lagos, I can tell you it is quite interesing, , , and very busy.

IT Manager Institute class dinner - Lagos, Nigeria - May 2010

My class always wants me to try some of the specialty dishes, but my “delicate American stomach” does not always respond well to some of the more exotic foods I encounter. Wish I was smarter than I am, but I seem to try things that sometimes haunt me a bit later in the night.

Last night, my class presented me with a hand painted canvas titled “Every Day Life” that depicts fishing and travel on the water near Lagos Bridge. The city of Lagos is on an island and is somewhere around 7 million people, , , to say the streets are quite busy is an understatement.

Hand painted canvas gift from the Nigeria class

The class dinners are always one of the highlights of the IT Manager Institute (also referred to as the IT Leadership Institute in my African visits). We have held a dinner for every class I have delivered, , , it is simply a small way to give back to those who have invested time and money in our program. It’s also something our students seem to remember and appreciate.

When I set out to create the Institute program, I wanted to make it different and special for those who attend. The class dinner and other “surprises” I spring on the class during the week seem to work, , , the IT managers who attend tell me that the program is unique and very special.

Here are a few comments from this week:

“The quality of course materials is simply excellent. IT management is not complete without these training materials.”

“The Institute was beyond expectations.”

“Lots of information to help me improve my work as IT manager. I recommend anyone wanting to be an IT manager should take this course.”

“I wish I had attended this course earlier in my career. Very eye opening.”

Nigerians are fun people and they make me feel welcome and very much “at home” when I visit their country. There are already discussions of a return trip.

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