Budgeting for IT – keep it simple

Sooner or later you are going to need to create a budget for your IT organization. To budget effectively, you need a few tools and a simple process.

Budgeting should not be a drudgery and it should not take hours and hours of work. I’ve developed hundreds of IT budgets and can’t remember ever failing to achieve my budgeted plan. I also do not spend days working on the “perfect plan”.

Download the budgeting tools I use when creating a budget for my organization. They are simple, yet effective tools to get the job done. I usually use these tools and then transfer the appropriate data to the spreadsheets accounting gives us to fill in a department budget for the company’s budgeting process, , , I can do what I need quickly and be confident I will deliver an achievable plan.

CLICK HERE to download the budget tool and instructions.

Book_IT BudgetingInterested in learning more? You may want the e-book, IT Budgeting: operational and capital budgeting made easy, that discusses the budget process and tools I use in detail plus insights and techniques that help you create a conservative and achievable plan.

Click here to see the Table of Contents and description.

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