Education is key, , , even for an IT manager

Knowledge is power and positions you to achieve greater levels of success. Over the years, I’ve watched the light bulb go on for a young IT manager I was coaching on a particular  management issue. I’m sure that my mentors saw the same thing happen with me.

Managing effectively at a high level is something most of us can do if we know what to do and how to go about it.  Management techniques and processes can be learned just as a programmer learns how to incorporate a new routine of code into his coding arsenal.

I’ve seen other managers look amazed at the fact that I can submit an IT budget for a large organization in record time and I always achieve my operating budget.

I’ve seen employees light up by being part of a successful and motivated organization while others on the outside were looking in wishing they were part of our winning team.

These things are easy when you know what to do and how to go about it. I didn’t invent all of these tips and techniques, but I’ve done one of the best jobs in the industry in packaging practical processes and tools in training programs, books, and tools that help IT managers achieve more success.

I remember learning how to install a new mini-computer system with business application software for a new IBM customer. It didn’t take me long to incorporate a systems installation project template that I could use for every new installation. All I had to do was identify the responsible person for each task, put in dates for the tasks to be completed, add a few new tasks and it was ready to go.

This simple process saved me countless hours of work, organized each project, and gave the client a tremendous feeling of security because of the specifics all laid out and the confidence I had in knowing my projects worked. And this was long before structured project management programs came into vogue.

I certainly didn’t invent the new installation project plan IBM taught me, but I learned quickly how to use and improve it to boost my productivity and to insure we accomplished the mission.  I consider it one of the keys to why I successfully installed 13 systems my rookie year at IBM and received a Regional Manager’s Award. Knowledge truly helps you succeed.

My books and tools are used by IT managers all over the world and the IT Manager Institute is the most practical training in the industry to focus on the “business aspects” of managing technology resources. Check out the tabs at the top of this page to learn more.

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