We are tops at IT Business Edge

Do you know who IT Business Edge is?

Maybe not, but I’ll bet you probably know TechRepublic, , , right?

Well, the same group of 4 people started both companies. They started TechRepublic from scratch in the 90’s and built it’s readership to one of the largest in the IT industry, , , then sold it to Gartner around 2002. They started IT Business Edge, I believe in 2003.

I’ve worked with both companies quite a bit. In 2001-2003, I wrote over 100 articles on IT management for TechRepublic, , , many of which are still published from time to time.

In 2004, I accidentally discovered IT Business Edge in a phone interview with a writer. We began a joint venture and they started promoting my IT Manager Development Series.

Today, I received an ITBE e-mail promotion and was excited to see that my IT Manager Development Series still tops their list of Premium Tools, , , they have done so since IT Business Edge (ITBE) began telling their readers about them, , ,  for 7 straight years.

Here is the excerpt from the e-mail message I received today:

“most popular Premium Tool we’ve ever offered”

“Our Best Value Ever — And Our Most Comprehensive IT Manager Training Package”

What a great feeling seeing comments like these from ITBE, , , but the best part is the thought of how many IT managers we reach through the efforts of ITBE and other partners like them. If you were to subscribe to one of ITBE’s newsletters, you receive a free copy of my e-book, IT Management-101, , , , just like you do when you subscribe to my newsletter. We know that ITBE has distributed well over 300,000 copies of IT Management-101 since 2004.

Interested in learning more about ITBE’s #1 Premium Product?

Go to ITBE’s web site —-  https://www.itbusinessedge.com/commerce/?c=168

Or go to my web site  —-  www.mde.net/cio

Interested in learning more about IT Business Edge?  Great resources for IT managers!!    Go to   www.itbe.com

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