Use note taking codes to help you follow-up

I’ve always used a simple note taking scheme to help me highlight key items and to be able to quickly see the follow-up issues I have after a long meeting.

Strong follow-up skills set you apart from the rest of the pack.

My “note taking codes” and what they mean to me:
just a note to remember
* important
–> follow-up is needed
/ a task to be completed
X the task is completed
? needs clarification  (might also add “who to ask” and “what to ask”)
$ cost implication
R Risk
O Opportunity
🙂 client service “pop”

This system was tremendous help in my note taking during due diligence efforts of over 40 company acquisitions. At the end of each day of on-site discovery interviews, I would go back through my notes and quickly code them. When I finished the discovery part and started writing a Due Diligence Report, it made my job so much easier, , , for example, when writing the Risk section, I just looked through my notes for items coded “R”.

Any system you come up with works; the key is to use what you need to help you remember key points and to follow-up as needed. Quick follow-up increases your credibility, , , poor follow-up undermines credibility.

3 responses to “Use note taking codes to help you follow-up

  1. Hello Ayaz, , , thank you; I would be interested in seeing the symbols that you use as well.

  2. Great tips Mike. I have my own little symbols, I am going to add some of yours to my collection. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Good tips! I will use them.

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