You set the tone for your IT staff

As the IT Manager you create an attitude toward your clients and technology users that you may not be aware of.

Your employees look to you for the lead and when they see you complain about User problems, company politics or policies that you disagree with, they will actually begin mirroring your attitude toward these same issues.

It’s the manager’s role to set a positive tone and to help create a positive work environment for all employees. This doesn’t mean you have to like every new policy or that you shouldn’t be concerned about how some User Departments deal with technology support.

What it does mean is that when you have issues, you need to try to handle them “behind closed doors” versus in the open where your employees hear your dissatisfaction.

Got a policy that you don’t like but one senior management says must be enforced? Voice your concern with senior management in the proper place but never use your employees to share your disagreements. Your staff member’s first inclination will be to support your position and in the long run that may be the wrong thing for all. Part of your job is to reinforce company policy, , , and work on changing it through the proper channels.

Always be mindful of the impact you have on others when you are dealing with these difficult situations. Your staff and clients observe your behavior and if it’s all right for the manager they naturally assume it must be ok for the rest.

Your position has more impact on your company’s culture and the behavior of employees around you than you might think so take time to think through your options before taking action and consider the impact it has on those around you.

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  1. good article.

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