15-hour plane rides

I’ll be headed to the airport in a little while. First, a quick flight from Nashville to Atlanta, , , only about 45 minutes. This flight was upgraded to first class so it will be a nice start.

Then tonight at 7:00pm I fly out of Atlanta on my way to Johannesburg, South Africa, , , a non-stop 15 1/2 hours of air travel. Amazing when you think of it, , , but a pain when you realize having to be in such a confined space for such a long time.

It’s a good thing I can sleep anywhere, , , and I mean anywhere. Never had any real trouble getting to sleep on trips. When I get there at 5:00pm tomorrow night SA time, I’ll get to my hotel, have some dinner and get a full night’s sleep so I’ll essentially be on SA time come Monday morning.

I look forward to this class like I do all my classes. I’ll have a former student sitting in and who will present a couple of the sessions as we prepare him to deliver the program in Africa going forward.

Unfortunately, the Atlanta to Johannesburg flight is coach and a middle seat.


That’s because it is often late before I can purchase a ticket if I don’t know whether the class will confirm or not. This class is small but just large enough to justify the trip, , , maybe I’ll be able to get my seat moved to an aisle or window. Cross your fingers on this one!

The best long trips are when you have an open seat next to you and you are able to spread out. I tend to use these trips to work and can get quite a bit done. If I’m in a middle seat, I won’t get much work done.

Hope you have a great weekend. Me, I’ll be on a plane or waiting to get on a plane all weekend.

The next post you see will be coming from Johannesburg, South Africa.

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  1. Take time to visit Sun City, its cooool.



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