Hello from South Africa

This was a great week delivering my 40th IT Manager Institute class in Johannesburg, South Africa. We had a small class this time, but I sort of like smaller classes because I get to know everyone so much better, , , I made an exception this time to make the long trip and deliver the program to a few who really wanted the training. What a great group this was, , , I’m sitting in the classroom with them right now as they take their ITBMC exam, , , hope they all pass.

Brian, Mike, Moses, Jacques, Herbert

Large classes are also great. Every class is different and I have enjoyed being part of each and every one. This class was especially fun to work with.

Tomorrow, I get to go on a mini-safari before catching a flight home. Hope to get some photos of wild animals such as rhino, giraffe, elephant, and lion and an assortment of smaller animals. Look for my post this weekend for the photos.

2 responses to “Hello from South Africa

  1. Congrats guys. Very nice to meet everyone.

    Thanks again Mike. Look forward to staying in touch.

  2. Glad you had a great class, Mike. Quite a milestone! Safe travels home.

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