Happy Halloween

It’s Halloween !!!

Do you believe in ghosts?

Do you observe as I have that more problems  seem to occur in our technologies when there is a full moon?

Are you a bit more careful on Friday 13th?

Possibly black cats make you a bit nervous !

At our home, we get somewhere between 200 to 300 kids on Halloween night. This year we opted out of Halloween only because it fell on the weekend and most of our weekends are spent at Camp Liberty.

There are times when we think we have a ghost at Camp Liberty, , , but we are certain it’s a good one who watches over us. And, we have our black cat named Boo who stands guard, , , no one wants to mess with her.

Back to the full moon issue and it having negative impacts on our technologies. Maybe it’s not real but other things seem to bear out the fact that things do happen with full moons – like more traffic accidents, more aggressive driving, more personal accidents, babies seem to be delivered, etc.

Maybe all of this is coincidental, but what I will tell you is that I tend to try and avoid full moon timeframes when we install a new technology, implement upgrades, or do other things that can affect our mission critical systems.

Call me paranoid if you want or just consider me to be a bit more cautious when we have a full moon.

Halloween is a time for fun, , , I hope your Halloween is one to remember.

One response to “Happy Halloween

  1. A few of my neighbors from North America stayed up last night to celebrate Halloween. Happy Halloween!

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