Our iPad winner is Andrew Carter

Congratulations to Andrew Carter of Toronto, Canada , , , he has won our Apple iPad contest to help celebrate our company turning 10 this year.

Andrew was surprised when he heard he had won an Apple iPad from our ITLever Blog contest. He replied, “Thank you so much.  I must admit that this comes as quite a surprise and a bonus.  The information that you offer in your blog, in truth, is reward enough.”

He added, “My thoughts on your ITLever blog…where to begin?  I like your candid approach to dispensing advice.  Many times I find myself thinking ”Hey, that’s me…”!  Your blog entries provide a reminder that not only do you need to manage the people, situations and deliverables around you, but you also need to manage yourself!  Your writings are folksy and personal—it’s like getting a behind the scenes look/insight at management from the strategic and tactical day-to-day to the political undercurrents of which you must be aware.  I really appreciate your ability to draw upon your professional, but especially personal, experiences to demonstrate the attitude/altitude adage—it’s not what happens but how you react to what happens that determines how far you will go.  Your perspective covering some 40 years in IT adds an element of “tried and true” wisdom to the gems that are your blog entries.  I look to you as an IT management resource and mentor.  Very helpful and much appreciated!”

Thanks Andrew, , , positive comments make my day, , , and it’s even nice to be able to give something like an Apple iPad to someone I don’t even know. My job is one of the best you can have and so rewarding in being able to meet people like Andrew (albeit virtually by email) and others who strive to become better and more effective IT managers.

We continue our weekly IT Manager ToolKit giveaway, , , 4 more winners to go from our list of ITLever Blog subscribers. Recent winners include:

  • Glen Sabatier – Edmonton, Canada
  • Steve Huff – Topeka, KS
  • Brian Grafsgaard – Minnetonka, MN
  • Susan Engelbosch – Durham, NC
  • Steven Reid – Fortitude Valley, Australia
  • Duncan D’abreton – Pretoria, South Africa

CLICK HERE to see a list of all winners.

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