What will success look like in 2011?

Have you taken a little time to carve out what it will take for you and your team to be successful in 2011? If not, right now is a good time to do it. It’s never too late, you know.

You don’t have to spend hours on this, , , just spend 20-30 minutes of quiet time to define what you think your team should accomplish next year in order to have a successful year. 2011 starts tomorrow, you know.

Some call this developing New Year Resolutions. I tend to think of it as planning a bit about what you want the future to become. I’m a firm believer that we become what we choose to become, , , and we accomplish what we target to accomplish and put focus on.

That’s right, , , believe it or not, each of us is in more control of our own destiny than we think we are at times. I’ve been in some difficult situations in my career where I thought I had no control whatsoever over my career or what was going on around me. In hindsight, I know that I was in much more control than I thought I was, , , at least in control of what would take place for my career. Ultimately, we are always in control of this.

I sat down over the Christmas holidays to define my personal and professional objectives for next year. I had already given the professional side some thought in preparation for our quarterly strategy meeting we have with at the end of every quarter. Thinking about your personal objectives is just as important as I mentioned in my last post.

My company strategy is simple and straightforward and I work pretty hard to keep it that way.  In 2011, I expect to increase the business in key parts and to deliver a few new products that have been in the works. I also plan to begin delivering some online training to reach more managers who aren’t able to attend my classes.

And personally? Got to work more on the golf game to see if I can get it back in shape. The practice and enthusiasm is coming back and hopefully the results will be there this summer.

The point is that we all need to take time to define what we want to accomplish rather than simply drift along like a log floating down the river. We become much more in control of our destiny when we DECIDE what we want and begin planning to make it happen.

Take a few minutes and decide what you need to accomplish to have a successful year in 2011, , , write it down, , , review it weekly, , , and evaluate how much you accomplish at the end of next year. You might just surprise yourself.

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