IT clients, , , 17 types you must work with

As an IT manager, you deal with all types. Your clients can be very different in many ways, , , being able to work with them can be challenging, even frustrating at times.

Let’s take a “fun” look at the type of clients you must deal with. This list is probably not a complete list, , , so if you have others you want to add, , , make a comment to this post and let us know. You can use this list to describe almost any group, , , employees, people, friends, etc.

“Client” as I define an IT client are two groups, , , possibly three.
Group 1 – Senior managers, , , CEO, CFO, COO, President, etc.
Group 2 – Department managers of your company and their organizations.
Group 3 – External clients your IT organization supports. 90% of all IT organizations do not have these. They are very similar to Group 2 clients.

OK, let’s get to the list of client types and see if you relate to any of them.

1.  Happy –  Our favorite, , , this client is happy with IT services and likes what we do.

2.  Unhappy –  An opportunity when we learn what makes this client unhappy and address his issues.

3.  Ray of sunshine –  Always happy and positive, , , this client likes everyone and everything.

4.  Tuned out –  This client isn’t listening to anything you have to say, , , they have you and others “tuned out”.

5.  Cool –  Some clients simply ooze with cool. This client will be one of the top dressers and appears to have his act together.

6.  Hidden agenda –  You may have a client who acts happy but in reality has another agenda, , , CAUTION.

7.  Worried –  Some clients worry about everything. They are skeptical of change and easily scared by the slightest problem.

8.  Second guesser –  This client second guesses everything you do and often challenges how you do things.

9.  No clue –  Some people you work with have no clue as to what is going on, , , they are in the dark on most things.

10.  Green with envy –  These guys don’t like IT or anyone outside their own organization getting credit for anything.

11.  Fighter –  Some clients seem to always be looking for a fight and are easy to get into disagreements with.

12.  Angry –  An angry client can seem unreasonable and likes to call you bad names. Don’t take it personal, , , fix it.

13.  Crazy –  Some people, clients included, have crazy ideas about what IT should be doing. BE CAREFUL with these.

14.  Bent out of shape –  Between angry and unhappy, , , pay attention to these before they get worse.

15.  Confused –  Confused clients have difficulty becoming happy. Clear up their confusion by speaking their language.

16.  Professor –  Some clients think they know technology better than you. Try to embrace them, don’t alienate them.

17.  Sleeper –  Some clients are asleep at the wheel, , , they tend to be lazy and lack focus in their organizations.

Recognize any of these in your company?

Each type has unique characteristics and creates different challenges in working with them, , , another reason why your IT management role can be such a challenge.

Got additional types worth mentioning? Add a comment below and share your thoughts.

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