4:00am wake up call

I was up early to catch a 6:00am flight back to the US from London, Ontario Canada where I taught our 45th IT Manager Institute. Hard to believe there have been so many.

What a great group of IT managers to work with. All ten managers in this class are from the same company and they wanted to standardize their management approaches to a certain extent, , , something I heard from most of them on the first day.

IT Manager Institute #45  –  London, Ontario Canada

There have been many senior managers I’ve worked with decide to do this from many industries including government, healthcare, banking and manufacturing. They keep sending more students to the program so it’s a good sign they are receiving value from their investment.

Canadians are always a fun group of people to work with, , , great sense of humor and very committed to what they are doing. I truly enjoyed this group and feel that I’ve known them much longer than just a week.

Good luck and best of success guys and gals !!

2 responses to “4:00am wake up call

  1. Thanks Brian. You guys have a great team and it was just as much fun for me. ITBMC certificates were mailed today, , , CONGRATULATIONS to all.

  2. Hey Mike, great course and I enjoyed your company, both professionally and socially. Say ‘Hi’ to Dorine from London, ON.

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