Daily Archives: April 10, 2011

Two questions you must be able to answer

Every time you introduce change, , , any type of change to clients, employees, or senior managers, , , there are two questions you must be able to answer.

They may not ask you these questions directly, but in their thinking they want to know:

1.  What’s in it for me?
2. Why is this beneficial?

Implement a new software release, hire a new employee, reorganize the company, cancel a project or recommend a new project, , , any time you want to do something different, you need to be able to determine who will be affected and answer these two questions.

Lat’s take an example I used in my last post, , , you plan to hire a senior programmer to add expertise to the team you do not have. If you recall, I mentioned your employees being high detail and analytical people probably come up with negative implications regarding this new hire. The don’t identify the new hire as something that will be good for them.

So, your communication with your programming team, even managers and leaders of these teams, needs to answer the two key questions.

1.  “What’s in it for me?”  You have to explain the reason we are hiring a senior programmer is because of the experience and expertise this person has in an area that we need experience in. It will help our progrmming staff develop and come up to speed faster in an area where we have no experience.

2. “Why is this beneficial?”  It will benefit each of our programmers by learning an area of technology we need faster and in a more consistent manner and it will help our organization in gaining this expertise. The company benefits because of the work we will now be able to do and the business value we will be able to deliver.

Clients and senior managers ask these questions as well every time you intrduce change, , , so prepare ahead of time to communicate and answer their questions proactively.