Daily Archives: April 5, 2011

Approved invoice log

Have you ever received a vendor invoice and start thinking you have already approved it for payment, , , but just can’t remember if you did?

You can’t remember for sure so you go down to Accounts Payable and check with someone to see if they have it, , , it sure looks like the same amount you approved recently.

This used to occur to me all the time, , , until I got tired of it and created a simple Invoice Approvals Log. When I approve an invoice, my secretary or I update this log so I can determine quickly if I’ve received a duplicate invoice later on.

Saves time, improves your productivity, , ,  and reduces “hassle factor”.

The worst excuse for being late

Some people are constantly late, , , late for work, , , late for meetings, , , late for events, , , they are always late.

What’s the worst excuse you have heard as to why people are late?

Here are a few I’ve heard:

  • Had a flat tire  (you probably will now that you say it)
  • Accident on the freeway delayed traffic
  • Overslept
  • Sick
  • Ran out of gas
  • On the phone
  • Took a wrong turn
  • Road construction
  • Car battery was dead
  • Hit a deer
  • Forgot we had a meeting scheduled
  • Was up all night with a sick child
  • Went to the wrong office

Being prompt and on time is a sign of being organized and courteous to those who you work with. Being late wastes people’s time and it causes companies to lose lots of productivity when a dozen people sit around waiting for a meeting to start because a key person is late.

If you have a habit of being late all the time, you are telling others around you that you are unorganized, lazy, and that you don’t respect them, , , not a good thing. A word to the wise is that we need to be on time, , , and encourage people who work for us to do the same.

Got any good ones? I would like to hear them.