Make your presentations interesting

I’m sure you have sat in a boring presentation before. Everything in it is so boring it is all you can do to sit through the whole thing.

Presentations don’t have to be boring, , , in fact, they ought to be fun, informative, and interesting, , , something that makes the audience sit on the edge of their seats in anticipation of the next slide.

Here are some quick tips to “spruce up” your next presentation:

Tip #1 – Create an appealing slide master

  • Keep it simple, use warm colors and a theme that ties into your presentation topic.
  • Minimize background “noise” so it does not distract from your bullet points

Tip #2 – Slides with impact

  • One key thought per slide
  • Minimal bullet points
  • Don’t read your slide, , , discuss your key points
  • Incorporate personal experience stories and examples

Tip #3 – Create visual interest

  • Add an interesting graphic to enhance your point
  • Animation can be good but also distracting
  • PNG files are made for PowerPoint slides with background

Tip #4 – Energize your audience

  • Raise your energy level and it will boost audience interest
  • Use pauses and emphasis on key points for effect
  • Keep it moving
  • Smile and have fun

Tip #5 – Prepare

  • Become very familiar with each slide to glide through them
  • Know your key points on each slide
  • Practice in front of a mirror until you are comfortable

Delivering a presentation is frightening for many, but don’t let it intimidate you. Being nervous is not only natural, , , it is a good thing and shows you care.

The more you present the easier it gets, , , even becomes second nature over time. Remember to have fun and enjoy the opportunity and experience.

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