IT Risk Log

When you conduct an IT assessment, you identify material business issues that have IT support implications. There might be 150 to 200 issues, , , it’s very common.

One of the things you need to do is to prioritize these issues. One of the most important type of issue is one that poses a risk.

A handy tool to track the risks you identify is an IT Risk Log.

This is a simple tool but helpful to inventory the risks you identify in your company. Information about the data fields is below:

Risk – short description of the risk
Risk Issue – Business issue at risk and more description about the risk
Risk Estimate – Estimated cost of the risk exposure
Remedy – Description of the remedy to eliminate or minimize the risk
Remedy Cost – Estimated cost to implement the remedy
Prty. – Priority of the risk (High, Medium, Low)

CLICK HERE to download the tool.

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