Times, , , they are a changing

Nothing ever stays the same, , , change is an inevitable thing in life.

Recently I learned of a large company I’m familiar with that has gone through some major senior management change. With a new CEO comes a new CIO and the ripple effect has begun.

Trying times for the IT staff, , , and others in the company who are “high detail” people. Change can be unsettling and cause a high detail person to analyze what’s going on, , , analyze the situation quite a bit actually.

The problem is that the conclusion we usually come up with in our analysis is, “This is going to be bad for me!”

Unfortunately, we don’t arrive at something positive, , , it is almost always negative in the beginning.

Guess what, , , this recent change could be the very best thing to happen for your career.

Sounds far fetched if you are someone who actually does lose their job, , , but you know what, , , I’ve seen what looked like bad situations turn into some of the best results you can imagine.

I’m one of them. I was caught in an ugly situation one time and was eventually fired from a company that I had been instrumental in helping grow considerably over a 6-year period. Senior management changed and what had worked well in the past all of a sudden seemed to be “bad news”.

I was fired because I pushed back on some very unethical activity and what I considered to be outright theft in our company.

Being fired was a good thing and I didn’t mind that part, , , what I didn’t like was the way it was handled.

I thank my “lucky stars” this new management team ousted me from a terrible situation, , , it influenced me enough that four years later I created MDE Enterprises, Inc., , , and I could not be happier about what I do for a living.

The “cowboys” who took over the former company are long gone after doing considerable damage and the company is back to doing what we were doing before that had been successful.

Enough about the past, , , what I’m trying to convey to you is that when I speak of “coming out of a bad situation smelling like a rose”, I speak from experience, , , not some theoretical idea.

Companies change and IT organizations evolve as a result.

If you find yourself in a precarious situation, , , remember four thoughts I think are worth reflecting upon:

  1. Your situation may not be nearly as bad as you think, , , slow down and think things through before you make decisions.
  2. This could be the best thing to ever happen for your career, , , so be optimistic about the future and not your current circumstance.
  3. If you are in a good situation, appreciate it because it will eventually change, , , if you are in a bad situation, hang in there because it will eventually change.
  4. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and your family.

You can quote me if you like.  🙂

Good luck and best of success.

One response to “Times, , , they are a changing

  1. “4. At the end of the day, you have to do what’s best for you and your family.”

    That is so true Mike!

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