Communicate Success With an IT Initiatives Portfolio

I delivered another webinar class this morning for a few IT managers in Slovenia and Croatia. The topic – Communicate Success With an IT Initiatives Portfolio.

I’m not sure when I developed this tool but as I mentioned to this group of managers, “This tool may have done more for me in my career than any tool I created.”

The IT Initiatives Portfolio is one of over 100 IT manager tools and templates in my IT Manager ToolKit.

The class only took about 30 minutes and I gave the students a great tool to track and communicate their project initiative performance.

To achieve success, you have to establish credibility and much of IT credibility comes with delivering projects successfully. This tool gives you a simple and easy way to quantify, measure, and communicate your project success in key areas:

  • On time
  • Within budget
  • Benefits achieved
  • Meet client needs
  • Overall success

If you are interested in this tool,, ,

CLICK HERE  to download the IT Initiatives Portfolio tool now.

CLICK HERE to view the 20 Minute IT Manager flash session to learn more about this tool and how to use it.

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