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3-day training this weekend for only $27.00

I normally would not share this, but I plan to attend Armand Morin’s 3-day WebCamp program on October 4-6, 2013, , , this weekend.

The $27.00 registration is almost ridiculous for 3 full days of training. A recording will be made available to all who register if you can’t attend or miss part of the training.

Armand will deliver WebCamp live from Las Vegas and will stream it out to those who register and attend from home (like me).

Check out the 3-day agenda and watch the promotion video at http://webcamp.cc/x.php?af=905629

I attended two of Armand’s WebCamps this year that he streamed from his home. What I can tell you is that he educates you by showing exactly what to do, , , step by step.

If you or your company need to discover ways to promote your products or services, you owe it to yourself to attend or tell someone in the marketing or sales organization of your company. One tip could be highly valuable for your company.

I highly recommend Armand. I’ve invested quite a bit in this area over the years and he is by far the best I’ve seen, , , and mainly because he teaches you what to do and how.

What does this have to do with IT management?

Good question. What a resource like this offers is to develop your ability to help your company promote its business by potentially introducing innovative internet marketing techniques. We need to discover ways to help our company succeed and introducing new approaches that use technology fits into this category.

I’m constantly surprised at how many companies do not know about Internet marketing and the cost effectiveness it offers a company. For example, traditional mass mail costs about $15.00 per visitor to your web site, , , Google “pay per click” costs me about $ .26 per visitor, , , significantly more cost effective.

Another example, , , a training technique I introduced to a hospital this year came from what I learned in one of Armand’s classes last year, , , and I use it for my own training program development.

Learning how to promote things via the Internet, social media, using Google ads and other innovative techniques makes you more valuable to your company plus it gives your IT organization an edge in supporting your company.

I can assure you that it will be worth many times your $27.00 investment and thought I should share it with you.

Learn more at http://webcamp.cc/x.php?af=905629