Are you helping your company save money?

Received an email message this morning from one of my IT Manager Institute students, David Dilday. His comments and others like it are what motivate me to do what I do, , , “help IT managers of the world achieve more success”.

Here is what David had to say, “Just checking in here, and letting you know of my progress thus far “post class”.  One of the action items I put down in my notes (and something that you mentioned specifically I believe) was to come back from the class and find ways to save the company money.  The goal for me was to not necessarily make the savings in my IT department alone, but just put my ideas for cost savings/avoidance out there and do the work on the back office side with number crunching.  Well I did that, proposed developing and using e-forms instead of our traditional paper forms to the appropriate department and let it go.  I didn’t do any of the creation of these forms at all, I just created the documentation for cost savings and made a recommendation.  The department manager implemented the e-forms and gave me credit.

By the way…these e-forms will save the company $30,000 a year.  Thanks to your inspiration and the content of your class, I’m continuing to reach new heights in my career.”

I’ve received other messages from David since he attended the Institute program. He is taking the things we teach in the Institute to heart and making real progress in delivering more than just technology support, , , he is recommending and doing things that provide real business value for his clients.

Things like this get noticed and make a difference for your IT organization and for your career. It always gives me a personal boost when I hear from our students about their successes, , , hope you like reading about it too.

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