Camp Liberty at its finest

We have one of the best views of any camp on the Buffalo River. Being an “IT Guy”, I rationalized that the reason for the Statue of Liberty in the yard is to prevent the barge ships from running aground as they make the turn at our spot on the river. 🙂

The view

The cabin

Our 100-year old log cabin has lots of character.  What that means is that there are no level floors or square joints to be found, , , old and rustic, , , we love it.

Miss Liberty

Miss Liberty at dawn

Miss Liberty at night

The Point

The Point is one of my favorite places to read, work, eat or to just watch the river.

At work on The Point

Friends and family enjoy The Point

Eddie at Camp Liberty

We enjoy our weekends at Camp Liberty and the time we have with family and friends chilling out. Downtime is good for you from time to time, , , it was far too many years before I realized it.

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