Why is the IT Department so misunderstood?

Business managers and users don’t really understand what you and your IT organization are all about. Here are a few of my own personal ideas as to why this exists:

  • IT is not normally the core competency of your company; therefore, most managers of the company do not need to be very knowledgeable about technology, , , so they aren’t and they don’t want to be.
  • Many IT managers have excellent technical skills but lack strong management and interpersonal skills.
  • The nature of technology is that equipment breaks and users need support, something they would actually rather not have to deal with.
  • Many companies lack the discipline to manage a true change management process and a project management culture that helps prevent problems.
  • Some departments use IT as an excuse for their poor performance.
  • IT managers often miss the mark when prioritizing initiatives for the company.

I’m sure there are many more reasons, but this list should give you plenty to think about in assessing your situation.

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