IT Management Model – 2 + 2 = 5

The whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts.

Leverage is very important in managing any operation. It is especially true in technology. There are many scenarios in IT where you can do things to get more than the sum of the parts.

For example, working on several programming requests that affect the same program often buys you a productivity boost. Likewise, taking the best of two companies’ technologies can make a merger of the two companies a much more powerful company than either might have become on their own.

Key points:

  • Combining two assets can produce results greater than their sums
  • Look for complimentary elements
  • Team member differences can be powerful assets
  • Look for “win-win’s” and leverage opportunities


  • IT Strategy & Planning
  • IT Organization and Staff

Opportunities abound in technology support to leverage situations. Think of the idea of adding “two plus two” and coming up with “five” versus “four”.

As an IT manager, we should always look for leverage opportunities. It can be anything from combining two programming requests that affect the same program into one project to finding multiple skills needed for your staff in one new hire.

You might also find the opportunity to combine the technologies of an acquired company and your parent company into a technology strategy that is much more powerful than what you would have produced at either company. Such a combining of the positives of the two companies offers significant leverage for the two companies and possibly a significant competitive edge.

Combining two assets can produce results greater than their sums
– To find these types of opportunities, you have to look for them. They exist in every corner and aspect of technology. Stay alert to possibilities and look for combinations of things that boost productivity.

Look for complimentary elements – If you need to take a physical inventory of all the technology assets in a company, you can ease the pain by collecting the information when one of your staff visits a remote office to do other work. Add the inventory task to his/her list of “to do’s” and you will leverage your staff’s time and productivity.

Team member differences can be powerful assets – Combining two complimentary, yet different sets of skilled employees on a project can give you significant advantage and a higher likelihood of project success. Taking advantage of people strengths and reducing the impact of their weaknesses is a management focus we must all have.

Look for “win-win’s” and leverage opportunities – When doing things to correct a client satisfaction issue, add a little extra to the solution that goes a long way in showing the client your team is responsive to their needs. The “little extra’s” can be powerful components to a solid client relationship that benefit both companies for years to come.

I look for leverage opportunities all the time. One of the best examples I’ve seen is when movie producers film one movie but have enough material to produce a sequel or complimentary film. When you think hard enough, you will find many opportunities in technology to get “five” from adding up “two plus two”.

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