Do you wear red sunglasses or green sunglasses?

What type of manager are you? Have you thought about it much?

There are “hip shooters”, , , those who fire at anything that moves. The opposite type are the “procrastinators” who just can’t seem to pull the trigger, especially on the more significant issues.

There are a few “proactive” managers but unfortunately most tend to be “reactive” managers.

There are also managers who wear “red tinted sunglasses” and their opposites who wear “green tinted sunglasses”. How they manage is all about how they see things.

Here is the deal, , , someone who wears red tinted sunglasses does not see red because the red is filtered out. He only sees green. As a result, this manager is much more aggressive because he doesn’t see problems or sense any danger in dealing with an issue.

On the other hand, the manager who wears green tinted shades only sees red because green is filtered out. This manager is much more cautious and deliberate in making decisions because he senses danger at every turn.

It really doesn’t matter what color of shades you wear because both styles can be very effective. What it does mean is that it’s important for each of us to understand whether we are an aggressive, risk taking manager or one who uses lots of caution.

Depending upon the issues at hand and your company environment, the situation might necessitate you to move toward the other type of management style a bit to succeed. Knowing yourself and how you tend to manage is important in determining whether an adjustment might be needed.

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