Management style is important

How are you coaching your team?

  • Yelling at them?
  • Encouraging them?
  • Empowering them?

The manner in which you approach your employees is important. There are some managers who are so controlling that they seemingly push and beat their employees into submission.

The best managers I’ve worked for did a great job of defining our responsibility and positioned us to own that responsibility, , , they empowered their employees.

What I’ve seen is that the managers who try to bully their employees aren’t very effective. Often, that type of approach comes from the fact that the manager is a controlling individual and wants things done their way. If you look at it closely, most of us in IT are high detail and one of the traits of a high detail person is to want people to do things their way.

When you become a manager, it is important to let go of some of this control and let the employee shine, , , empowering someone positions them to “shine” when they succeed, , , it still requires the person to get things done.

Take a hard look at your management style and ask yourself, “Am I empowering my employees or am I micro managing them?”

Empowered employees achieve a lot more and are much more fun to work with.

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