Fly with eagles

This one is Just for Fun.

A young Philadelphian rides an eagle

My last post discussed “Project management lessons from sidewalk art”. I try to observe and learn from most of the things I see and do. When watching a TV show depicting Julian Beever and his 3D sidewalk art, there were definite signs of good project management as noted in the ITLever post.

Another project he did in Philadelphia helped celebrate the 4th of July, , , our Independence Day. This one is amazing, , , looks like a young girl is riding an eagle that is standing over the American flag. The flag looks so real, but it’s just chalk art. Look closely and you can see the sidewalk cracks in the entire drawing.

Watch the YouTube video of Concrete Canvas and see if you can pick up the project elements as Julian goes about developing this one in 3 days. CLICK HERE to watch the video.

But before we leave, there is a message with this article’s title, “Fly with eagles”. Eagles soar high above all other birds. They are stronger and rule the skies. Are you preparing your team to soar with the eagles or to simply get by as an average manager like all the rest do?

Make a decision to develop your management skills and soar with eagles and find out for yourself how much better the view is from above the pack.

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