Dodge the bullets and arrows

In your IT manager role, there are lots of bullets and arrows whizzing by, , , and they come from all directions. In many cases, there isn’t much you can do to avoid getting hit by an arrow.

For example, if a tornado knocks out your Data Center, you definitely get hit by an arrow, , , same thing if the utility company cuts the electrical lines leading into your office building and you have no generator for auxilliary power. OUCH, , , hit again.

The best way to dodge bullets and arrows is to have a strategy in place that you are executing so your team is working proactively versus reactively.

The next thing is that you have to be prepared for when the “event” happens. Things like tornadoes, flood, electrical feeds being cut, etc. One of the things you should do here is to identify what kind of “arrows” and “bullets” could come whizzing by your head and determine how you prevent them, , , or at least minimize the damage if they were to occur.

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