Clear your calendar and block out the time

You haven’t heard from me for a few days. It’s because I’m working on a major project and have been “heads down and in the weeds”.

Remember me suggesting you “have to block out time to focus on a major project”, , , like developing your budget, , , building a strategic plan, etc.?

Well, it’s no different for me. I have been trying to work on a big writing project for some time and haven’t been able to focus like I need to, , , so I cleared my calendar and have been focused like a laser beam for the past couple of weeks.

No travel, pulled back on my IT Manager Institute class schedule, , , and focused time and energy to the project work I need to work on. Guess what, I’m seeing some results.

The project is going well although slower than what I would like. Isn’t that always the case?

Look for my announcement in a few weeks to let you know what’s coming.

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