Daily Archives: June 10, 2011

Do the right thing

There are many times in your career when you will have a tough decision to make, , , one that causes a major internal conflict within you about what you should do.

I just had one of these issues occur in my personal life. I was asked to do something to help someone, a person who I’ve never been close to. We will never become close because I view this person as a “taker”, , , not a “giver”.

I try to align myself with “givers” and distance myself from “takers”.

Initially, my inclination was to simply decline the request, but I thought about it and discussed the issue with my wife and an uncle who I respect. Neither of them gave me the answer or advised me specifically on what to do, but they made comments and asked questions that were very helpful in me reaching a decision.

My final decision was to accept the request. The reason, it is the “right thing to do”. The other reason was the person was placing a lot of trust in me just by asking me to help him in this way, and he truly needed my help, , , something I take seriously. 

It’s always more important to do “the right thing” than to “do things right”. Your internal compass should always point to doing “the right thing”.

I’ve had to do some unpleasant things in my career, but the guiding principle I always tried to use was to “do the right thing”.  In the long run, you have to look yourself in the mirror and feel you have conducted yourself with character. Sometimes, this means you must put personal opinion and preferences aside.