Daily Archives: June 18, 2011

Golf is a model for other sports

Golf is a model sport for all others. Don’t get me wrong, , , I’m a big baseball fan, love football and basketball. But golf is a model for all other sports and here is why:

  1. Golfers earn their pay. You can hit .150 in baseball or sit on the bench in football and get paid millions.  There are no guarantees in golf, , , perform and you are rewarded, , , not the same in the other sports.
  2. There are no lock-outs in golf like you always have to worry about in other sports. Unions have ruined the big sports.
  3. Golf gives more to charity every year than all the other sports combined. That’s a phenomenal thing and sad when you consider how much more the big sports bring in, , , the reason such a difference is because big sports have owners and unions and players who feel entitled. Golfers know they have to perform to be paid so they don’t have this entitlement virus.
  4. The game of golf is full of character. You don’t see the drug and crime issues you find in other sports. Golf is the only game where a player will penalize himself for a rules infraction even when it can cost him thousands of dollars, , , find a baseball, football or basketball player who would do the same. They don’t exist, , , rather they will do whatever it takes, even if unlawful to gain an edge over their competitor.

Those are just a few issues why I believe golf is a model for other sports.

I watched thethird round of the 111th US Open today and it was great. A 22-year old Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland walked the fairways with fans applauding and pulling for him from all over the world. The reason is because of his character and how he handles himself, , , he is a model for young people to look up to.

Americans like “our Open” to be won by Americans so we usually pull against Europeans. In this one, we hope Rory wins because he has paid his dues by losing a heartbreaker at this years’ Masters, , , but he handled it like a gentleman and with maturity in every way.  He didn’t blame everyone for his failure, he took responsibility like a man far beyond his years. How he handled the situation and how he goes about his business has won him millions of new fans, , , he is golf’s next superstar, , , but you know what, he will earn it, , , it won’t be given to him.

As an IT manager, are you building an organization that’s viewed as having a lot of character and ethics, , , or one that’s viewed as just collecting your pay? How you approach work every day and what you get accomplished tells volumes about who you and your organization are and influences how your clients deal with you.