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Some managers are liked more than others

Are you a manager who is respected and appreciated by your clients and employees, , , or are you a manager who isn’t liked and lacks respect?

Obviously, we want to be a manager who is respected and appreciated, , , maybe even liked by others although this last part is not as important.

Let me draw a comparison between two professional golfers and you might be able to see some things that come to bear in your own situation.

First, there is Colin Montgomery from Scotland. He is one of the most successful Ryder Cup players in history, winner of dozens of European titles and their #1 player for many years. He was successful, yes, , , but he never gained real respect and appreciation in the US.


Three reasons:

  1. He never won a major tournament or even a US tournament.
  2. He seemed to blame others or “other things” for his failures.
  3. Attitude

Let’s take another professional, , ,Rory McIlroy from Northern Ireland. He won the US Open today and not a negative word was said about him all week. Everyone, even Americans were pulling for him.


Again, three reasons:

  1. When he shot 80 on the last day of the Masters to lose the tournament after leading for 3 days, he took responsibility, did not try to make excuses, and said he hoped he had learned from it. Eight weeks later he wins the biggest tournament in the world, the US Open.
  2. He plays quickly and with a mission. When asked why he didn’t back off a shot after Phil Mickelson hit out of the rough and the crowd began moving, , , his comment was great, “I knew there would be movement so I tried to shut it out and focus on my shot; if I had backed off we could have been there all day.” Montgomery would have backed off several times because he lets others get into his head and its obvious.
  3. Attitude, , , you will not find a more positive attitude or humble player in golf than Rory McIlroy, , , and because of it fans of every country want him to do well. Not so with Monty.

Do your actions and how you carry yourself create positives with people around you or do they alienate them about how they feel about you.

In the end, we earn our supporters and “fans” or we don’t get them. It’s true for the two golfers in my story. Here is a case in point, , , this weekend 90%+ who watched the US Open were pulling for Rory. Had Monty been in the same situation, , , he would have had some of the Europeans pulling for him, but that’s all.

It makes a huge difference when you have support of others, , , start earning it.