Be kind

I ran across a quote today that struck home.

“Be kind. Everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.”
– Plato

Most people have some kind of challenge in their life, , , it might be something professional or possibly a personal issue that’s become a challenge. We all carry some kind of weight.

I probably need to take this advice more than most, , , but we won’t talk about my issues. Let’s just say, I recognize the need to be a nicer person.

Being kind to others is a way of showing respect and consideration. Granted, at work there will be altercations from time to time, , , but when it’s over it is important to respect the other person.

After all, you never really know what kind of battles they may be fighting. It doesn’t hurt you to be kind and ultimately you make several decisions every day to be kind or not.

I’ll try if you will, , , I believe we will get positive results from our efforts.

2 responses to “Be kind

  1. This is outstanding advice, in the current economy we often forget how difficult the human side of things can be, you were always more kind than you know Mike. I have enjoyed having you as a mentor and friend and your advocacy in this industry brings so much sanity to the rest of our worlds. Thanks for sharing and Caring~ Margie Gillean, ITBC

    • Margie, appreciate your comment. I’m working on it, , , amazing how nice people are when you treat them better.

      Sanity is a good thing – right?

      Have a great day.

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