Do you have an IT manager tool or template to share?

I have posted hundreds of articles and dozens of tools on ITLever. My IT Manager ToolKit contains over 100 such templates and tools, , , but I have barely scratched the surface.

I was reminded of one of the initial objectives I had for ITLever this weekend when Kenneth Corning of  Dover, Massachusetts sent me a simple tool he developed to help him determine his UPS requirements.

CLICK HERE to see the quick post I created to share Kenneth Corning’s UPS Requirements Tool.

There are over 50 posts categorized as IT Manager Tools on our ITLever site so far, , , we hope to add many more in the months ahead.

Send me your IT manager tool or template with a brief description plus your city, state and country to and I may share it with ITLever visitors. If I do, I will give you credit for your work.

I hope ITLever will eventually become a repository for hundreds of IT manager tools and templates along with great tips to help IT managers achieve more, , , it will become a much better resource if you participate in providing ideas.

I like sharing tools, templates, “how to tutorial”, etc., , , anything you use that helps you organize, monitor, communicate, or manage technology resources.

At some point I plan to develop a new product of tools developed by my colleagues. If I do and include your tool we will give you credit for creating any tool you share with us, , , and I’ll give you a free copy of the new toolkit.

Best of success, , , Mike S.

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