Don’t you just love these support calls?

I want you to put yourself into your client’s shoes for a minute as I tell you about a support call I made yesterday.

Our DSL service has been having intermittent problems of late. In every case, I was able to unplug and replug the modem and wireless router to “reboot”.

Worked fine, , , no worries.

This week the number of “lost internet” issues increased so when the problem occurred twice yesterday and I had more difficulty in re-establishing connectivity, I decided to give my DSL provider a call.

I’m the client in this situation.

I was fairly certain the problem was with either the DSL line or the modem. Everything looks good on my end, , , I’m just not getting out to the Internet plus the Internet light on the modem is either red or doesn’t light up at all and it should be green.

The Support Rep is courteous enough but not very receptive to input I try to provide so he can focus on the line or the modem.

We establish pretty quickly that the line is OK, but then he starts having me disconnect the wireless router and do all kinds of things assuming the problem is on my server and cable end.

After an hour, we are no closer to a problem resolution and my system has been totally disconnected from what we need, , , then he says that to replace the modem will be a $75.00 charge plus an activation charge of $125.00.

Are you kidding me?

Their modem is faulty, I pay a monthly service fee that includes the equipment, , , and, “I have to pay to fix your problem?”

About this time, I’m getting a bit frustrated so I ask to speak to a manager. After another 10 minutes he comes back to say they are all busy and not available but he can arrange a callback. Yeah, , , right.

I have a serious problem. My business depends upon Internet connectivity. This has to be resolved and resolved quickly.

The Support Rep starts giving me all kinds of explanations and possibilities but he isn’t taking us to a resolution. We need this problem resolved, , , and it lies with the modem I’m pretty sure.

After considerable more time of working with this chap, we determine that the problem appears to be with a firmware problem within the modem. We reset the modem and reconfigure it and wallah! All works well again.

Today the problem occurred again but this time I was able to replace the modem and so far, , , all is working just like it should work, , , and normally does.

I think we could have saved a lot of time and frustration if he had focused on the modem as a possible source of the problem in the beginning rather than stepping me through all the hassle of disconnecting and reconnecting cables and suggesting I probably had a systems problem.

My point, , , it is easy to point to your customer as the problem. In some cases, they actually are but in my experience it is more often something on our technology side that’s causing the issue.

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