Prepare for your interview

I received a question today from one of my followers who is about to go into an interview next week for an IT manager position. He gave me the qualifications of the job and asked me a question, “How do I prepare for the interview?”

I sent him the information below:

To prepare for an interview, I would do the following:

  1. Learn all you can about the position, the company, and the hiring manager.
  2. Make a list of possible questions your interviewer may have and develop your responses.
  3. Make a list of “selling points” that describe the value you offer a company that hires you. Be sure to focus on “results”, not technical capability.
    1. Past accomplishments
    2. Key successes you have achieved
    3. Experiences you have relative to the position job description
  4. Key things to think about going into an interview:
    1. Managers hire managers who can get things done, , , they look for people who have delivered results.
    2. Important to talk in a business oriented manner, not in technical acronyms, , , unless the interview is for a technical position.
    3. Load up your discussion points with benefits (results, complimentary experiences, , , reasons you are a good choice).
  5. Make a list of key questions you want to learn about the position, company, or the person you will report to.
  6. Here are a couple of resources you may want to review:
    1. ITLever BLOG post – Fast Start for a New IT Manager —
    2. 20MITM e-learning session – Fast Start for a New IT Manager —

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