Big trend in outsourcing the Data Center

Have you looked at outsourcing your Data Center?

If not, you may want to.

Large companies like Amazon started the trend of “co-locating” their Data Centers offsite with companies who create giant “Data Center space and support for rent”.

I’m now seeing more and more small to mid-size companies begin moving their Data Center equipment to a co-location. There are many benefits that are worth thinking about:

Space – Moving your Data Center frees up space in your company that may be better utilized for other things.

Data Center environment requirements – A co-location company invests in building, AC, and security to provide a suitable environment for Data Center equipment, , , it’s what they do.

Support resource – You can reduce the number of resources you need to support a co-located Data Center. A co-location provides systems expertise and support that you normally would have had to hire yourself.

Support critical mass – Not only does the co-location provide support resources, an organization like this typically has enough critical mass that vacations, people getting sick, or losing an employee does not affect your company like it would if you staff your own Data Center.

Energy costs – Data Centers have huge energy consumption because of the heat produced by servers and technology equipment. Moving your Data Center offsite can reduce your energy bill.

24 X 7 Backup – Co-Locations guarantee backup support for your virtual Data Center.

Systems upgrade support – Support to help you add, upgrade or eliminate servers as needed to maintain a cost effective environment.

Cost – The biggest reason is probably cost. Outsourcing your Data Center can reduce your cost by 20-70%, , , definitely something worth evaluating.

Focus – Allows you to focus on your core competency and leave much of the infrastructure work to organizations that invest in being able to do a stellar job in this area, , , reduces cost, worry, and stress associated with a traditional Data Center.

If you have input from using a co-location or experience in this area, feel free to comment.

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