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Step up and take responsibility

not meI’m sure you have seen a situation when a problem occurs, , , no one seems to know how or why it occurred.

You hear things like:
“It wasn’t me.”, , , “They must have caused it.”, , , “I don’t know .”

No one wants to fault others for problems that occur. But a small fact exists, , , strong leaders take responsibility and hold themselves accountable, , , weak leaders pass the buck.

When a problem occurs, I look at myself or my organization first and ask, “Is there anything we (or I) did or possibly something we didn’t do that created this problem?”

On the other hand, a transparent manager will always deflect a problem to someone else, even his own staff. Transparent managers take credit for good things and pass the blame for problems.

Guess how much credibility transparent managers have with their clients and more importantly their staff, , , little to no credibility.

Strong managers take the hit when problems occur and they go further by identifying what they are doing to get the train back on the track and to prevent similar problems in the future.

trainManagers who “own the responsibility” instill confidence and respect plus the all important credibility because they hold themselves and their organizations accountable, , , then they do things to improve.

Bottom line: Give your people credit for successes and take the responsibility yourself for failures, , , it will reward you with trust and loyalty over time.