Mimeo.com makes my life easier

When I find something that makes life easier, I like to tell people about it.

Mimeo.com is one of those things you discover that makes what used to be a major effort for me to prepare for one of our classes almost effortless, , , truly effortless.

My class materials arrive at their destination in London, Ontario Canada today for the class I will deliver next week. It took me all of three minutes to order them yesterday afternoon.

I simply reorder my last shipment, key in the new ship to address and BAM, , , we are done. Get up this morning and check the tracking link and can see that the 3 boxes containing 11 sets of materials are in London and “on the truck to be delivered”.

I am one happy guy!!

It takes a couple of extra days to send them to Dubai or Johannesburg, , , but the order process is just as quick, , , 3 minutes worst case. This effort used to take my office several hours to copy, bind and tab to prepare new materials  for a class, , , plus we had to carry heavy boxes of materials, , , what a pain.

Now, the effort is easier, faster, and the quality is great every time, , , plus the cost is extremely reasonable when you consider your time, not having to carry heavy materials to airports, etc.

The biggest challenge will be opening the boxes when I get to my hotel classroom and setting out the materials for our students, , , gotta love it!

UPDATE — just as I’m writing this post, I get an email from my client in London telling me the materials have arrived. We are good to go!!!

Details at www.mimeo.com.

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