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Sorry for the temporary absence

foundation blocksYou haven’t seen many posts on ITLever lately because I’ve been very, very busy on some major projects that will be important for 2012. I’ve been hard at work laying the foundation blocks for the future of our company.

That’s right, we have big plans for 2012 and you are about to start seeing some of the results of our efforts.

  • New training – both in available options that allows me to cost effectively reach many more IT managers around the world as well as new content that will help you achieve more success.
  • New books – I’ve finally rewritten my first ten books (now called the Practical IT Manager GOLD Series) so I can focus on several new titles that have been waiting for me to get to them.
  • New products – What I will tell you here is that even though I probably have more material and training resources for IT managers than any other organization in the world, I feel as though we have just begun. You may want to subscribe to ITLever so you won’t miss any of the new announcements that will be coming. To subscribe to ITLever, see EMAIL SUBSCRIPTION in the right-hand column of this page.

Getting the rewrite of my first ten books behind me and updating our company’s infrastructure has been a major time constraint, , , so much so that I reduced my training travel schedule considerably this past year in order to dedicate the time needed for these big projects.

Would have been nice if I could have delegated the books rewrite to someone else, but I had to do the work. Thought I could just “tweak” the books slightly and be finished in 30 days, , , that is, until I started working on the first book and saw how poorly written they were. Seems that my writing skills have improved some in 8 years. The new version is much, much better than the originals.

Dedicating time to focus on these big projects meant taking a financial hit to our business in 2011 but I believe it was worth the investment.

Well, I’m back.

We still have some major infrastructure work going on but the heavy lifting is all but over and I will soon be able to devote much more time to developing new content and delivering more training than ever before.

We are excited about the future and I hope to be posting much more to ITLever in 2012.  We have a lot more to develop and share in our mission of, “helping IT managers of the world achieve more™ success”.

Stay tuned.

ITLever reaches one year anniversary

Our first year of using ITLever as a Blog medium has been a lot of fun and I hope beneficial to all who have visited.

In this first year, I posted 300 articles, , , not quite one a day but pretty close. We intentionally included a variety of things from serious IT manager topics,  lots of “how to” tips, IT manager tools and templates you may download, , , and some JUST FOR FUN posts to help us all get away from the work from time to time.

I also posted a few things about my travels as I delivered the IT Manager Institute this past year. Many of these will become some of my fondest memories, I’m sure.

I reduced travel in 2011 to focus on a couple of new projects as we continue our company’s mission of “helping IT managers of the world achieve more success”. You will hear more about this soon.

I hope you have enjoyed ITLever as much as I have in creating it. I encourage you to Leave me a Message in any of the posts to let us know if we are providing content that’s of value to you, , , or if you have different ideas or something to add, , , it’s helpful to our readers.

Thanks again to all who follow our journey in ITLever and feel free to contact me at  info@mde.net if you have ideas or insight that helps you gain more value from the ITLever site.

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