Make your resume look like you know your business

Most of the resumes I see of IT manager applicants have far too much technology expertise in them. Business managers aren’t as interested in your technical knowledge as you might think, , , or even as much as you might think they should.

Senior managers are looking for candidates who can deliver the goods, and when you load up your resume with all kinds of technology knowledge, , , it doesn’t say a thing about being able to deliver.

Please note, there are exceptions but they truly are exceptions, , , it helps to know what your interviewer is interested in, , , technology or results.

Senior IT managers and business executives generally want a manager who has shown they understand business need and can show they have delivered. What this means is that we need to list accomplishments and what our results have done for our company.

I literally would refrain from listing a dozen certifications and technology expertise, , , it tells me you are a technician, not a business manager who knows how to get results from their IT resources.

Benefits, accomplishments, and results, , , why would someone want to hire you? It’s usually not what you know about technology when interviewing for a management position.

Your resume is a sales tool that helps you get the interview or it will hinder your opportunity for that interview. Load your resume up with benefits and results and you might find yourself getting more interviews.

One response to “Make your resume look like you know your business

  1. It would great if you could share a sample of the two page resume that you are mentioning about, as observed by me most IT Managers are not very good at
    creating such documents.

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