Tax day

The good news is that we got a couple extra days to send in our tax forms this year, , , the bad news is that the IRS still wants our money.

When you have to pay more, you tend to wait until the last minute to send in that check, , , that’s why I spent time today getting the final numbers from our accountant and mailing in my check.

Hate this part every year, but glad to be able to do my part. It wouldn’t bother me at all except I see so much waste in our government, , , it seems to happen pretty much in every government from what I can tell.

One of the best examples I can give you is a little road project at the entrance to our subdivision. The entrance sits in the middle of a sharp curve and there have been several accidents there over the years.

It looked like there were a couple of reasonable solutions, , , reduce the curve and eliminate the blind spot by cutting the bushes and small trees on this curve or put in a 4-way stop so traffic has to slow down and yield to other traffic. Either of these approaches would work and cost very little to implement, , , but our government decides to spend what looks to be some $8 to $10 million and redo the whole interchange. It’s been a year already with no end in sight. It feels like our friendly politicians are asking themselves, “How can we spend more money?”

OK, OK, , , I apologize, , , I’m in a bad mood due to having to write that check earlier today. Even though it’s a pain, , , I’m fortunate to be able to make a good enough living to require more tax from me. I knew a rich man one time who looked at this issue in a positive light. He was glad he made so much money to require such a hefty tax bill.

I would still like to keep more of my earnings, , ,

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