Look for the positives in adversity

I know a thing or two about adversity. You may as well. Sooner or later everyone faces challenge in his or her life. The question I have for you is:

“How will you react when adversity touches your life?”

You could lose your job as part of a company acquisition or downsizing.

You could lose a family member unexpectedly.

A big project might fail that you have worked on for 6 months.

A client could spread negative remarks about you and your team.

You could lose your home due to a storm or other tragedy.

There are a million challenges that could come your way professionally and personally. How you deal with your personal set of adversity is important.

My recommendation is to always look for the positives in the situation. It can be hard to understand a tragedy in one’s life but I firmly believe three things are at play in such circumstances:

  1. There is a reason why this has happened.
  2. There is a positive in all of this somehow.
  3. You don’t have to look far to find someone who has a much more difficult situation than yours.

You may have to reach deep to find the reason or the positives in a lot of situations you will encounter in your life. Look for positives and think of the good things surrounding this situation, , , it will make a difference for you and others around you.

I could give you several tragic events that have occurred in my life. At the time, a few were devastating and difficult to deal with, , , but you know what, we got through it and positive things happened as a result.

In a few cases, the tragedy changed my life, , , and in the long run changed it for the better. In fact, I can honestly say that I owe my career and what I do today to some extent to a tragedy that occurred in our family in 1993.

It’s all about how you approach the tough issues in life, , , think of the positives and look for the good in the challenging situations you must deal with. It builds character and ultimately makes you a stronger person.

One response to “Look for the positives in adversity

  1. Great article and advices. Thank you!!

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